Suminagashi Marbling & Encaustic Painting

I have been playing around with different papers and backgrounds for my encaustic painting and thought I would try my hand at Suminagashi. It is the traditional Japanese water based marbling technique. I got the ink set at Dick Blick Art Supplies on Market Street in San Francisco California. I used white Strathmore cards and envelopes in my studio so before I got too deep in this process I thought I would just use what I had.

These inks are not ordinary dyes. They are pigment inks made by blending high-grade cosmetic pigments with PVA via a special process. They have a good adhesion to materials and do not run or blot in water. Furthermore, they have an opacity not found in dyes, and can be mixed according to standard color rules like paints. The inks can also be applied in layers when the undercoat is dry. Virtually all ordinary materials that soak up water (paper, cloth, hide, wood, etc) can be marbled with these inks. The inks are made from high-grade pigments and so are non-toxic. Even small children (ages 6 and up) can use them without worry.

I will glue them onto the Ampersand Clay Boards before I begin my encaustic painting. I even tried FW Acrylic Inks and was happy with the colors and how they turned out. I will definitely be doing more of this marbling and will post more pictures when I have completed my encaustic painting with one. I was so excited about this and just wanted to share these pictures with you. 

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